Welcome to Tamlite USA

We at Tamlite Lighting would like to thank you for taking your time visit our website. We hope you are able to easily identify any products and accessories that will help you complete your next project, be it big or small.


Tamlite's continued growth and success is a journey that has been based around the desire to meet the needs of our customers. By listening carefully to feedback and suggestions, we have been able to develop a full range of high quality user friendly products that have these suggestions built into the product. This has created unique features within our products that have clear value and worth to the end user. The partnership between Tamlite and its customers is the driving force behind everything we do at Tamlite Lighting.


Tamlite Lighting is dedicated to products that are "Made in America" and is proud to state that a majority of our fixtures are made or assembled in America. We continue to invest in developing more product lines of American origin. With the support of our loyal customers, Tamlite has been able to continue this commitment through investment in hard tooling, stamping machines, power presses, testing laboratories and developing a skilled labor force.


Our commitment to quality in manufacturing is what sets Tamlite Lighting apart. It starts with developing our knowledgeable staff through continuous training. This commitment has created an environment of consistency and reliability that Tamlite Lighting products are known for throughout the industry. The talent and skills of the Tamlite staff is our greatest pride and something we continually strive to improve upon.


Our goal is for Tamlite Lighting to be the preferred choice on any job. No matter what sector of the market place is involved, Tamlite takes pride in being able to provide our end users with the highest quality product available.