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12 volt LED Ribbon Tape featuring 3M mounting adhesive. IP65 Rated for applications in both residential and commercial areas. Completely plug and play and extremely adaptable to nearly any use.

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  • These are 16' Reels of LED ribbon tape. Each reel is made of 16" 1" sections that are joined with 4-pin connectors. The reels are IP65 Rated and each junction is heat shrinked to maintain the moisture seal. The kits also include a driver and 12-volt transformer, 2 – 2” Interconnection cords, 2 – “L” shaped connectors, 4 – Male-to-Male connectors, 4 – Heat Shrink Tubes, 4 – End Caps and an Infrared Controller/Receiver (RGB Only). The tape is also backed with 3M adhesive for mounting on most surfaces. The tape is also cuttable every 3 inches along clearly marked lines. The RGB LED tape includes 9 LED per foot. The drivers are UL listed. Each tape can be bent up to 60 degrees. Convientent and easy to use connectors are available for applications that require bends of greater than 90 degrees.
  • For applications with rough surfaces or instances where the 3M adhesive will not apply properly, 4' mounting channels are available. Each channel is designed for easy installation and use.

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