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6" Recessed Emergency Light

Incandescent (1 head) | Series: RMEL-1 | RMEL-1

The RMEL-1 is a recessed gimbal emergency light that recesses in the ceiling for a concealed and unobtrusive look, making it ideal for applications that require adjustability when wall mounting is undesired or not practical.

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  • 6" new work recessed housing with a thermoplastic adjustable gimbal trim
  • Sealed beam PAR36-type lamp with 8W halogen light source
  • High-performance chrome-plated metalized reflector
  • 6V, sealed lead acid battery
  • Test switch and AC power indicator light
  • Dual voltage for 120 or 277V operation

6" Recessed Emergency Light Model Shown

Technology: Incandescent (1 head) Category: Emergency Lights


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