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About TamCalc. and Instructions for Use:

TamCalc. is a program that allows you to estimate the illuminance (light level), lighting layout, and number of fixtures for a room or building at the touch of a button. Calcluations are based on the Zonal Cavity method (Lumen Method) and are used to determine the average maintained horizontal illuminance on a work plane.

The process is simple: Choose the Tamlite fixture that best suits your application needs and define the critical parameters as you are prompted. The program does the rest!

Please note: TamCalc. is offered by Tamlite Lighting as a free of charge service. It is designed to provide our customer with assistance in preparing your quote, design layout, and submittals for any given project. Not all fixtures of similar design have the same final output or photometric as the substitutes provided. Substituting any Tamlite fixture will render services provided null and void. There is a high probability that site conditions will differ from data entered into TamCalc. at the design stage. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the design fulfills all of the general (and particular) requirements before final acceptance and adoption of the proposal. Lighting layout calculations are for reference purposes only. Other factors may contribute to differences in final lighting output and may require lighting layout resources.

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